6 Quick Fire Rules To Live By On Social Media

Social media is a brilliant tool to create effective, measurable and results-driven relationships with consumers. Some companies use it well, others not so well.

Regardless of industry, country or profession, your competitors are likely to already be gaining traction in social media. Here are some quick fire rules to live by.

1. Be Personal:

Research suggests that consumers are more likely to purchase from brands that they’ve ‘liked’ already. Moreover, it often has a great ‘snowball effect.’ Once you’ve convinced one person that you’re interesting enough, their friends will follow.

2. Be Clear And Consistent:

Decide on what the ‘human face,’ of your brand really is. How close a relationship do you want to develop? How will you add value? For instance, if you’re a butcher and you spend time educating your following on your produce, continue to do it.

If you decide you’d like to post twice a day, do it consistently. Otherwise, your fans or followers will think you’re not interested or ‘too busy,’  to respond to  their comments/feedback.

3. Be Professional:

In a similar way to websites, social media really does convey your brand to a mass audience. In theory, anyone from anywhere could like and follow you. Ensure that whatever your brand does, it’s always professional. Reputable, local agencies are worth considering if you feel you may not be able to commit to updating continually. Local ones have a greater likelihood for a closer-partnership. This is essential as it is likely to become a key online marketing activity for ALL businesses in the future.

4. Give To Receive:

Social media can be a harsh environment. If like any other relationship, you constantly take, they won’t reciprocate – would you? The key is to build a reputation for great competitions, compelling content and most importantly, always listen to them.

5. Be Open:

Like it or not, your brand or product may well be being talked about already. ‘It’s not like it used to be,’ because, it really isn’t.

As much as brand’s get commended for good practice i.e. see BT case, they can also be severely damaged see Dominos US case study (warning: some offensive language and behaviour).

Regardless of whether its negative or positive – don’t you want to be at least in on the conversation?

6. Be Unique:

Big brands spend millions-upon-millions trying to stand out. The beauty with social media, is you can too. An example I always like to quote is the Blendtec example. What could you do? How could you get customers involved? Are there common issues your customers have with your competitors’ products i.e. quality, is there some way you could catch their attention on the back of a bad experience?

Key Take Away

Finally, enjoy it! Don’t give up on it, in a similar way to building a business from scratch, social media success takes patience and a significant time commitment.


~Image Source: http://www.flickr.com/photos/matthewvenn/


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