MarketMeSuite Launches Experiment In Crowdsourcing with Logo Competition

MarketMeSuite just launched an experiment in crowdsourcing, a logo competition that invites MarketMeSuite users, and users only, to design the logo for the release of “MarketMeSuite Version 4 – The Social Inbox.”

Below is the competition details from the MarketMeSuite blog, written by CEO Tammy Kahn Fennell:

The Competition

For the next two weeks we will accept entries into the “MarketMeSuite Logo Competition.”  The rules are simple — design a logo based on what you currently know about MarketMeSuite, and what I’ve told you about version 4. The prize? Well, besides a blog post dedicated to how awesome you are, we’ll give the winner a 6 month free subscription to the highest paid plan we have when we go live with version 4 in January.

Where To Send

Please upload all logos through your MarketMeSuite app, call it “MMS Logo Competition Entry” and tweet the link to @tammykfennell and @wuup. This is our way of making sure all entries come from actual MarketMeSuite users! Not a MarketMeSuite user but want to enter? Becoming one is easy and free. It takes about 25 seconds to get an account.

The Fine Print

By submitting any design to us, you are giving us the full rights to it and you will not own it. You have permission to use any graphics on MarketMeSuite’s site for the purpose of this competition.

Brilliant Idea?

So, what do you think? Do you think we can crowdsource this logo? I know one thing for sure, the sharing of this post will be vital to the success of the competition, so please pass it around!

What Do You Think?

Do you think MarketMeSuite will get enough people submitting to choose the logo? Time will tell! Check back for the results in a couple of weeks.

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