Twitter Extends Olive Branch To Devs

According to TechnoBuffalo, Twitter announced that it will be launching a platform for third party developers, which will have tips, tutorials, blog posts and even a forum that directly links between third party developers.


This is a welcome change for current developers. Currently there is a very convoluted process to stay in the know as a developer.

Currently, there’s a few ways to connect to the folks at Twitter, and it’s not the most straightforward for developers. Here’s a few ways you can currently get in contact with Twitter:

The Google Group:

There is a Google group you could subscribe to and receive daily updates from Twitter and other 3rd party developers. Right now this is probably the best way to get any sort of guidance or support from Twitter.

The IRC Room:

This is a bit of a “in the know secret” but @TheMattHarris does run an IRC room. First you have to get an IRC client (a good free one is Colloquy) and go to, hashtag #twitterapi.  If you sit around long enough to wait for a reply you are sometimes lucky to connect directly with a member of Twitter staff, or at least some helpful other devs.

This is the current Dev Site and it has been shuffled around a lot over the years. It’s a fairly good resource for developing, but not necessarily for news.


The twitterapi twitter account answers fairly quickly if you have a question, but many of the responses direct you to fill out a support ticket.

A Good Move

This is definitely the right move for Twitter. We have watched the API department grow from just a few people in its humble beginnings, so the time is definitely right for opening up dialog and helping to rebuild a slightly fractured developer community. We often hear of @themattharris and @ryansarver, but a shout out to @bsuto who has been at Twitter since our beginnings here at MarketMeSuite and who has always worked extra hard to make us feel like welcome contributors to the ecosystem!

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